There’s a visible “Simplicity Trend” in the consumer market landscape. The great number of scented product launches that a mere few years ago attempted to captivate consumers’ imaginations using luxurious wording and imagery evocative of rare, faraway lands & ingredients, today have been replaced by products that are more ‘at home’ in the realm of tried-and-true simplicity. Witness the plethora of shampoos, body washes and home fragrances in 2022 inspired by themes of ‘home comfort’, ‘childhood memories’ and ‘beachside living’.

Home comforts can take on the simple expression of just-washed linens, a tray of warm-from-the-oven cookies, or freshly-picked goodies from a home-based garden and the deep sense of satisfaction that they evoke. A nostalgic look at themes from our past always takes us back to happier times when the living seemed easier, less complex than it is today. This ‘grass is greener’ way of thinking has re-ignited interest in themes that harken back to key childhood reminiscences that still make us chuckle today…The sticky buttery goodness of caramel popcorn, being totally soaked by a sprinkler on a sun-filled day, or an early attempt at entrepreneurship with a curbside lemonade stand.
And although aspirational themes of out-of-reach luxury and über-exotic destinations no longer dominate product concepts, the promise of relaxation that comes from popular island destinations and their uncomplicated living still has a hold on our emotions, and serves as a nice antidote to our stress-filled lives.

But a symbiotic relationship between product concept and scent must exist to bring a product to life and make it believable and relevant to consumers. Fragrance becomes a key element in this artful interpretation of simplicity. Hence the importance of carefully selecting fragrance notes that will become the brushstrokes that paint the full product ‘pictures’, with all the emotions that they aspire to tap into. As long as there are products to launch and consumers to keep interested and engaged, scent will continue to have a featured role in their artful interpretation.