Custom Essence understands that creating safe products is a priority for our customers and their brands. In today’s complex regulatory environment, Custom Essence keeps abreast of changing guidelines, which is essential to developing successful products in the marketplace.

As a mid-market fragrance manufacturer in partnership with Givaudan, the world’s largest fragrance house, Custom Essence provides the latest regulatory documentation to meet the needs of global, multinational, and independent brands.


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Documentation Portal

24/7 digital access to over 30 different regulatory documents for quick information retrieval.

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Fragrance Stewardship

Understand, trace, and use raw material life cycle information to support our clients’ natural, sustainability, and specialized needs such as Leaping Bunny®, Ecocert®, Safer Choice®, and WERC’s® certification.

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Labeling Expertise

Provide our clients with guidance to understand and know the difference between labeling “fragrance” on an ingredient list and other forms of formulation disclosure.

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Regulatory Outreach

Give our clients opportunities to attend educational seminars, receive regulatory information, and work collaboratively to ensure products meet regulatory standards that affect their fragrances and/or business.

Custom Essence is an active member of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), which binds us to a strict Code of Practices to ensure that we provide the highest quality of fragrance safety available. Not only does our IFRA membership put us at the forefront of fragrance safety, but our domestic and international government monitoring systems allow us to track changing regulations, assess impact, and act proactively and nimbly to inform and prepare our clients when a new or updated regulation takes effect.

Custom Essence’s expertly designed reporting systems synthesize complex industry regulatory requirements into easy-to-understand documents for our clients. From indie brands to Fortune 500 companies, our Regulatory team is committed to supporting our clients with safety information required for their products to succeed in the marketplace.

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Consumers are demanding more information about the origins and sustainability of the products they purchase. In compliance with industry regulations, internal guidelines, and customer requirements, Custom Essence adheres to responsible sourcing, traceability, and transparency. We are committed to supporting our clients with easy to access safety information needed to comply with labeling and regulatory standards.

Custom Essence’s product documentation and certifications ensure the integrity and safety of our products and services.