As fragrance creators, it is our goal to design ‘the perfect scent’ for our clients. But how do we define ‘the perfect scent’? “Perfect” is a highly subjective term, and in the fragrance world, attaining ‘the perfect scent’ is influenced and limited by many constraints and considerations.

A perfect laundry scent should smell clean, fresh and comfy in order to support the product attributes and positioning, whereas the scent for an anti-aging skincare product should have a very upscale discrete smell that connotes gentleness and caring attributes, while also hinting at its promise of youthfulness.

In fine fragrance and home fragrance, the challenges are greater since consumers use those scents to communicate their many complex and changing feelings, emotions and aspirations. Therefore, is it even possible to identify and create ‘the perfect scent’?

The answer is YES, it is possible. We must bear in mind, however, that it will exist in many incarnations because ‘the perfect scent’ is one that evokes a profound emotional response and connects with what the consumer is feeling at that moment. A scent that ‘speaks to’ and understands what consumers are feeling and are wanting will instantly be ‘the perfect scent’ for them.

It is our job then, to stay very focused, open and in tune with the changing consumer landscape so that we may continue to fulfill our goal of providing them with ‘the perfect scent’ for their lives’ many changing needs and desires.