Personal Care

Our trendspotters always have their finger on the pulse of national and niche brand trends, which gives us an unparalleled ability to understand and design consumer-preferred fragrances. From men’s grooming to multicultural products, the personal care needs of consumers continue to evolve. Our creative teams are equipped with the latest research to design the perfect scent for any demographic. Staying at the forefront of current ingredient and benefit claims allows us to create compelling scents for the future. Custom Essence’s perfumers have a unique expertise in creating natural fragrances for all personal care products leveraging a best in class palette of ingredients including upcycled fragrance materials. Our formulas support clean and socially conscious brands.

Hair care, body wash, and bar soap products require fragrance accords that ‘bloom’ in the shower; facial, hand and body lotions require more subtle but memorable scents. Designing outstanding personal care fragrances means creating great experiences.