Industrial and Institutional

Maintaining a space that encourages visitors to feel safe and clean is critical in places such as hospitals, offices and hotels. For your commercial and professional cleaning needs, Custom Essence is an Industrial & Institutional industry fragrance supplier that creates safe and effective disinfectants and sanitizers for industrial cleaning. From industrial-strength liquid soaps and hand sanitizers to surface cleaners and floor cleaners to air fresheners and toilet bowl deodorizers, Custom Essence creates safe, sustainable, and effective I&I fragrances for commercial and public institutions. Our regulatory experts understand the latest safety standards that allow us to design fragrances to meet compliancy standards including EPA Safer Choice and USDA certified biobased fragrances for I&I products.

The product formulations of industrial-grade products are often quite complex and challenging. Our in-house technical teams are experts in understanding the chemical interaction between these formulas and both natural and synthetic ingredients to provide highly performant fragrances. We create customized fragrance solutions to address your specific requirements and we are well-positioned to navigate through any potential stability and performance challenges you face during product development. For malodor neutralization, see our proprietary malodor technology system that helps eliminate unpleasant odors.