Home Fragrance & Air Care

With a greater emphasis on health and wellness, consumers are incorporating home fragrance and air care into their self-care rituals. As consumers spend more time at home working or relaxing, home has become a refuge for many. Custom Essence’s expertise as a candle fragrance designer means we understand the power these applications have as a home accessory – a subconscious tool that can instantly transform the mood and character of a home.

Scented candles are popular for their ambiance and mood-shaping benefits. In addition to the transportive scents air care offers, candles, diffusers, and scented reeds are decorative accessories often used for home accents. Air fresheners, room sprays, car fresheners, and plug-ins are often used to address malodors. For malodor neutralization for high traffic areas, see our proprietary malodor technology system that helps eliminate unpleasant odors.

As a home care fragrance supplier, Custom Essence specializes in fragrances for candles, wax melts, air fresheners, room sprays, diffusers, plug-ins, car fresheners, and incense. Home fragrance is thriving and is accessible in all markets and at all price points. From mass market and direct-to-consumers (DTC) to specialty and luxury brands, consumers seek scent experiences to connect with emotionally.