Fragrance Technology Innovations

Leveraging the innovations of the world’s largest fragrance house, Givaudan, Custom Essence offers leading perfumery technologies for the benefit of our clients. We offer fragrance technologies that enhance our mental health and well-being, address malodor neutralization, and have unique delivery systems.
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Health & Well-Being

Health & Well-being are an integral aspect of our daily lives. Now more than ever consumers are engaging in self-care rituals to relax and de-stress. Consumers have an emotional connection to fragrance, which has the ability to transport individuals to a certain place and time. Our fragrance technologies augment consumer products to create positive, mood enhancing experiences.



Designing tomorrow’s mood-lifting creations with MoodScentzTM+


The natural benefits of the ocean in your fragrance


The natural benefits of the forest in your fragrance

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The smell of clean involves eliminating malodors. Consumers seek safe products that address malodors for specific conditions and spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, pets, and cars. Custom Essence offers ClairScent®, a proprietary malodor technology system that helps eliminate unpleasant odors. Unlike many other odor neutralizers on the market today, this technology is environmentally-friendly and does not disturb the air quality.

The ClairScent® technology does more than just mask odors. It does the heavy lifting and the main molecule bonds with the malodor molecules to form complexes that have no odor, rendering them permanently undetectable. Our perfumers carefully select reactive fragrance ingredients to assist and complete the neutralization of malodors. The expertly crafted fragrance design optimizes the message of fresh, clean, and pure. ClairScent® can be custom-designed for 100% natural applications.

ClairScent® is a powerful and versatile technology that can be used in multiple applications including: