Fragrance Creation

Fragrance creation has been one of the most complex and scientific art forms for the past four thousand years. Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful and developed. Scent has the ability to trigger nostalgic and pleasant memories, inspire adventure, and add dimension to products and services.
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Custom Essence is a fragrance design house with access to cutting-edge technology, research, and the most extensive fragrance palette including naturals and exclusive aroma ingredients. Our perfumers at Custom Essence create high-performing, consumer-accepted and experiential fragrances in a variety of applications such as fine fragrance, personal care, hair care, home fragrance & air care, household, pet care, and I&I. Fragrance plays an integral part in our everyday lives through the products we use and experience.

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Natural Fragrance

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Industrial and

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Creativity: We have the most extensive ingredient palette that includes naturals, specialty chemicals, and captive ingredients. This enables us to develop fragrances that consistently stand out and have that “wow” factor.

Operations: We strive to maintain operational excellence at our state-of-the art- manufacturing facility. The integration of automated robotic dosing systems results in advancements in higher throughput, scalability, precision, and product contamination protection. This system reduces cost to our clients.

Consistency: Our custom batch management software and barcode scanning along with computer-integrated scales ensure precision and accuracy.


Direct Access: Custom Essence’s boutique philosophy allows customers to collaborate directly with our creative team. This includes access to our perfumers to construct winning fragrances and marketers to design custom fragrance concepts.

Value: Custom Essence maintains strategic supplier relationships that give our clients a competitive cost advantage on many specialty chemicals. This empowers us to offer exceptional quality at extremely aggressive prices.

Flexibility: From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we pride ourselves on our ability to respond to your special needs, regardless of your size. Our process enables unparalleled speed to turn around modifications and meet stringent pricing parameters, which provide our clients with high quality fragrances at exceptional value.

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Our creative and manufacturing center is based in Somerset, New Jersey, strategically located between New York and Philadelphia.