Creating Winning Fragrances

At Custom Essence, we prioritize quality in everything we do, from our creations to our client relationships. We are a company of people who are passionate about fragrance and purposeful in our approach to helping our clients succeed.
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An innovator in natural fragrances, for over 40 years, Custom Essence has led the way to high performing fragrance creations across a wide array of products that win consumer acceptance and build brand loyalty. Founded by Felix Buccellato and Raman Patel, their unique blend of artistic talent and scientific knowledge quickly earned them a reputation as the foremost developers of natural fragrances and products. As an independent, family-owned company, the entrepreneurial culture has been carried on by their children.

The acquisition of Custom Essence by Givaudan in 2021 allows us to continue to marry world-class perfumery expertise, quality, and global resources with the service and attention of a boutique. Custom Essence is positioned to provide greater value to our clients.

Backed by our commitment to transparency and traceability, our best in class regulatory portal makes accessing the most critical information as easy as a few clicks. Our in-house marketing experts, dedicated creative team, and strong network of contract manufacturers empower us to help our clients move quickly from ideation to execution.

From start-ups to established brands, Custom Essence offers boutique services rooted in collaboration between our creatives and our clients. We bring a personal touch to our relationships and actively listen to our clients to understand their vision and ambitions. From analyzing a brand’s portfolio to assessing white space opportunities to helping build a brand from scratch, Custom Essence is ready to partner with our clients to navigate the ever-changing marketplace.

Our Collaborative Approach

At Custom Essence, we help brands, established companies, and entrepreneurs bring their products to life and get to market.

Our reason to be is fragrance and memorable experiences are what we create. Helping our clients navigate an ever-changing landscape to launch product and accelerate their growth, is what we do.

We provide a consultative, customized approach that takes our creative expertise and integrates strategic insights and capabilities from our vast network of partners.

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Custom Essence assists start-ups and entrepreneurs to accelerate growth through our expanded reach and category knowledge.

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We engage with external product formulators, consultants, and experts to bring cutting-edge innovation to our customers.

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Contract Manufacturing

Our vast network of contract manufacturers and formulation chemists allows us to support our customers with referrals to the partners that have the capabilities they require.

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Strategic Partnership

We are always thinking of ways to support our customers and this can come through strategic partnerships that we foster amongst our partner network.

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More Than A Fragrance Partner

From innovation opportunities to new business models and partnership programs, the Custom Essence team leverages our deep experience to assist clients across multiple categories and geographies, defining and executing on the optimal approach to meet their strategic objectives. Whether embarking on a new initiative or ready to implement a new program, our team works with clients to ensure their success.


  • Exposure to trends, new technologies, and product launches
  • Access to subject matter experts on fragrance, consumer behavior, retailer trends, and product
  • Extended reach to gain access to companies with unique capabilities
  • Consultative recommendations on brand or product expansion
  • Accelerated innovation and support in development of strategic intent
  • Evaluation of strategic opportunities


  • Industry leading trends programs and forecasting
  • New product launch visibility with detailed analysis
  • Educational seminars and Innovation workshops
  • Best in class fragrance technologies
  • Business matchmaking and facilitation of partnership opportunities
  • In-depth expert portfolio assessments with insights led, targeted recommendations
  • Business model assessment and innovation strategy roadmap
  • Market, category, and competitive assessments for developing long term strategies


Custom Essence is a full service fragrance design and manufacturing company. Our team of professionals balance creativity, technical acumen, and production excellence to help you create winning fragrances for next generation consumer products.