Designing Unique

Fragrance Experiences


Nature is Custom Essence’s Inspiration

It permeates our culture and defines our creativity.

We craft high-performing memorable fragrances that consumers love.
purple petals in clear solution

The Fusion of Art & Science

Fragrance plays an integral part in our everyday lives through the products we use and experience. Our perfumers at Custom Essence create high-performing, consumer-accepted, and experiential fragrances in a variety of applications.

fragrance collage

At the Forefront of Fragrance Development

Custom Essence marketing experts support our clients through comprehensive presentations focused on the latest trends and product innovations. Using a variety of global trend sources, our creative team provides insights and strategic tools to ensure you stay at the forefront of fragrance development.

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Technology Enhances Our Everyday Lives

Custom Essence offers fragrance technologies that enhance mental health and wellbeing, address malodor neutralization, and have unique delivery systems.

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Personalized Approach

Custom Essence offers boutique services with a highly collaborative approach between our creatives and clients. Our company culture is rooted in servicing entrepreneurial and mid-size brands that fosters open communication, fast service and unparalleled access to perfumers and management.

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Fragrance Design at Your Service

Custom Essence is full-service design house with access to cutting-edge technology, research, and the most extensive natural materials and captive ingredients.